Jan van Groenendael

Jan van Groenendael was professor of Aquatic Ecology at Radboud University Nijmegen and the former Nature Data Authority. During his career, he has been actively involved in the development and protection of biodiversity.
The values and emotion that Ireland’s fascinating landscape evokes has made it its second homeland. Following the regional development in West Connemara and its impact on biodiversity and landscape values for over more than 35 years, were the motivations for writing this book.

Ton Roozen

Ton Roozen is a biologist, ecologist and vegetation expert and has been active for more than 35 years in managing the natural and cultural heritage in the Province of Gelderland. As deputy director of the foundation “Het Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen”, he has acquired the relevant knowledge, insight and experience for the management and integration of natural and cultural heritage.
The research in Connemara in 1975 and beyond has forged a lasting bond with the area. He regularly returns there with his wife Marijke to further explore this fascinating part of Ireland from their cottage on Inishturk South.

Madeleine van Mansfeld

Madeleine van Mansfeld is a landscape ecologist and sustainable development process manager. From her early childhood on and from her philosophy of life, she has been intimately involved in safeguarding nature and landscape values over her entire life. The love for Ireland and affection for its landscape and nature values, sprouted in 1974, grew over the years, and is highlighted by the poetry evoked by Ireland in this book.

Marijke van Mansfeld

Marijke van Mansfeld, is a biologist from Radboud University Nijmegen, wife of Ton Roozen. She has worked as a teacher of biology and science at the “Veluws College” in Apeldoorn, and is active as a biology guide to high school students at Zoo “Apenheul”. She is painting since her student days, guided by various inspiring teachers. Outdoors she prefers watercolours, but in recent years and in the studio she also applies oil paint and acrylic techniques. The watercolours of lakes and characteristic plants in this book show how she was inspired by the special atmosphere that characterizes the landscape of Connemara.